About Us

Radnor Capital Management is an independent employee-owned investment management firm located in Wayne, PA. Radnor, in its current form, was founded in 2012, but the firm’s investment team has an association dating back to the early 1990s.

Radnor was established with the goal of putting client interests first.

The firm manages over $575 million in client assets, with some relationships spanning three or more generations. Our clients include high net worth families, trusts and other fiduciary relationships and non-profit institutions. We perform our own research and manage client portfolios primarily with individual securities. We use very little in the way of externally managed investment products, where the client is apt to be paying both the advisor and outside fund managers’ fees. Radnor’s fees are directly tied to the value of client portfolios – if you do better, we do better – with no hidden costs.

Investment offerings include the Equity Income Strategy, the Core Strategy, and the Small Cap Strategy. We modify these strategies to meet the investment objectives of each client, including socially responsible investing.  We also manage Fixed Income portfolios, as well as Balanced portfolios including one or more of the above equity offerings combined with taxable or tax-exempt bonds.

"A mentor once said to me that ‘the investment advisory business is actually pretty simple: if you take care of the clients, the business will take care of itself.’ We’ve taken that advice to heart for over 30 years now. The fact that we are now working with second and third generations in many of our client families suggests that we have done a pretty good job of taking care of them over the years."

— Pierce Archer, Portfolio Manager